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Personal Projects

  • Yummery

    Erin Nichols, Personal
    PHP, Wordpress
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    As Erin has been writing Erin Cooks over the years, she would come across great foodie items in and out of the kitchen.

    When the number of great items she wanted to share became too many to remember all in once place, Yummery was born.

    We built the site using the WordPress platform, and I occasionally write articles/ reviews for the site.

  • Google Reader Theme for NetNewsWire

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    I’ve always liked NetNewsWire, but somewhere along the way it was much more beneficial for me to move to Google Reader - it was the ability to have all my feeds in one place, accessible from anywhere.

    When I heard rumblings of Google Reader support in the NetNewsWire application, I got very excited. Yesterday the latest beta of 3.2 was released, and I am amazed at Google Reader Sync functionality. As I was reading through my feeds, I kinda missed the feel of Google Reader’s content interface. So I decided to make a style!

    To celebrate NetNewsWire’s new Google Reader Sync feature, and to make me feel more “at home” when reading feeds, I have created the Google Reader Theme for NetNewsWire. It’s a quick implementation, so there may be a few differences between the actual Google Reader interface and this one.

  • Erin Cooks

    Erin Nichols
    PHP, Illustrator, Wordpress
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    Erin was trapped at home unemployed over the summer, and in the process learned to be a pretty darn good cook. After getting tired of telling all her friends about the great recipes she was making, she decided instead to show them. Erin now showcases some of her favorite recipes in easy, step by step pictures.

    I helped her set everything up from installing Wordpress, customizing an existing theme to better suit her site ideas, and hacking plugins to make creating her posts almost as easy as making the meals she shows off.

    Erin discovered that her site was a little too pink, when co-workers commented it looked like Slashdot's infamous "OMG Ponies" page. Talk regarding a redesign quickly began.

    The design was created originally in Illustrator, and ported in pieces to a Wordpress template. It was later widened to accommodate leaderboard advertisements. One of the main goals of this version was also to migrate to Wordpress 2.3, and convert from Ultimate Tag Warrior to Wordpress 2.3's native tagging system. Plugins were added to make for easier sharing of the content via ShareThis, and to highlight related and popular posts.

    Version 3 of the site was released with a new underlying framework, Thesis. This allowed for per-post thumbnails and lots of other great customizable features. Erin has been more than happy with the results.

  • Textpattern

    PHP, Textpattern, MySQL
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    In exploring alternatives to Wordpress for ckelly.net, I tried Textpattern. Attempting to import my old Wordpress posts, I found they were not being imported properly. As any good open source power user would do, I delved into the code and modified the import script for migrating Wordpress blog entries into the Textpattern database.

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