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California, Here We Come

The Golden Gate at Dusk It’s official. We’re moving to San Francisco.

This will be by far the biggest change either of us has ever made. Though I’ve lived in places as exotic as Puerto Rico, I’ve always been an “East Coaster”, spending many of my formative years in New Hampshire, and the last 7+ years in the greater Boston area. I’ve always had an itch to move to the West coast, but the timing never seemed right, there was always something stopping us - a new job, losing a job, sick pets - something that kept us right where we were.

I previously worked for a company based in San Francisco, though I was personally based in Cambridge, MA. Whenever I’d talk to our West coast counterparts, they’d always tell me that I should really be out there, and that I’d really enjoy it. I’d always shrug it off, thinking it wasn’t really my kind of city. Whenever I had thought about moving to the West Coast, I had always envisioned myself in Seattle, if anywhere. Upon telling this to one of my uncles at a previous Thanksgiving, he would scoff and say the best city he’d ever been to was the city by the Bay. These events, several years apart, would create that Inception-style moment in my head where I finally thought “Hey, maybe there is something to San Francisco after all.”

Then, a few months back, things just started falling into place. A few opportunities to relocate to the Bay Area presented themselves. Our lease could be broken with no penalty provided we move into another building from the same company (several are conveniently located in the Bay area), My car, a major moving expense, had a prospective buyer lined up.

At this point, the decision to head to San Francisco was less “Why leave?” and more “Why not?”. Why not try living on the West Coast? Why not sample the best of what the area has to offer in food, drink, friends, and technology? With a lot of thought, we finally decided to go for it. Maybe we’ll be back in a few years; maybe we’ll find San Francisco to be what we have been always looking for deep down. All I know is there’s only one way to find out, and we’re excited to see what happens.