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About the author and this site

About Chris Kelly

Born in New Jersey, raised primarily in New Hampshire, with stops in Florida, Puerto Rico, and Connecticut along the way. I attended Virginia Tech, graduating with a degree in Computer Science. I am based in New England, with brief stops on Long Island and San Francisco. I currently live in the Boston area.

I’m a web application developer with over 10 years of experience, currently focused on Python web services.

In my personal time I enjoy movies, music, snowboarding, and spending time with friends and family.

About ckelly.net

This site had its humble beginnings as a personal home page, sometime in high school in the late 90s. At one time it was hosted on my local ISP server, and later with friends who had their own hosted boxes.

In 2000, I registered this domain and brought over the personal home page as was. Around the same time, I was experimenting with blogging on the now-defunct EditThisPage.com. In 2002, with the advent of Movable Type as the first popular self-hosted blogging platform, and following a few caffeine-fueled nights in my college dorm, I launched what I consider the official “Version 1” of ckelly.net. In the process of doing so, I wiped out the old static home page and integrated all the Edit This Page posts into Movable Type.

The site itself has gone though many incarnations since then. Version 2 was the transition away from Movable Type to Wordpress. Version 3 eschewed Wordpress in favor of a from-the-ground-up CMS written in Python and using the Django framework. I later added a blog component through Tumblr in an effort to facilitate more blogging. This unfortunately didn’t go as well as planned.

The blog-centric v4 release was geared towards getting me to write in longer-than-140-characters format a little more often. That version of the site is hosted on GitHub using the Pages feature and the Jekyll static site generation system.

V5 moved to the HubSpot Blog platform, the project that I helped build on a daily basis (how better to develop than by eating ones own dogfood, so to speak)

Finally, v6 moves back to GitHub to take advantage of the simple file-based publishing system

Chris in other places

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